With video it’s all or nothing

You’re either watching and listening, or you’re not – there’s no in-between. Plus, visitors watching a video on your website are tied in for the duration – it’s much harder to skip ahead and miss an important point than it is with text.

3 Benefits of an Intro Video

Every company wants to engage and grab the attention of their viewers, but how can you do that? Almost every site you go on, visitors are bombarded with something. Whether its  fancy text, a ton of text or graphics everywhere.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Corporate training videos allow companies to cost-effectively promote corporate knowledge and specifically target the needs of their workforce.

 Online video is fifty times more likely to hit the front page of Google than a single text web page

Adding video to your website dramatically improves the volume and quality of traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo and YouTube. Research has shown that an online video is fifty times more likely to hit the front page of Google than single text web page whilst time on site, bounce and click through rates are all improved. Wikipedia

What others say about us

Michael Pray

The installation video was a huge success. Thanks for your hard work on that.

Michael PrayBusiness DevelopmentPIN
Jolynda Ward

I just love how the new employee orientation video turned out.  Thank you so much for all of your work on this project.

Jolynda WardSenior Vice President of Employee ServicesPillar Hotels & Resorts