Why website video?

Jason Daaboul DDS PA – A Dental Office In Grapevine, Texas

Any professional service website from dentistry to carpentry, from strategist to psychologist, takes a giant leap ahead of the competition with a well-wrought video. According to Google, 60% of visitors to a website will click on a video before reading any text and most of them, unless it really sucks, will watch it to the end.

What better way to introduce yourself to your target market? Video is obviously much closer to how human beings have communicated for the last hundred thousand years. Amidst all the text-and-graphics-only websites what a pleasant reprieve. Video adds a realm of possibilities to the Internet; online training, corporate culture, product launch and instructional videos.

And video is very good for SEO – please Google ‘corporate videography’ and you’ll find us on the first page.

If your website does’t have video call us today – 214-215-0803 or 214-244-2597 and let’s get the ball rolling.

Colin Shubitz – CEO and Creative Director  – CSA&D, Inc.  Founding Partner – Camera2Productions.com

Pillar Hotel & Resorts

A corporate orientation video for new employees of one of the nation’s largest hotel and resort management companies.

David Gappa – Sculptures in Glass

A short video showing David Gappa of Vetro Glassblowing Studio and Gallery creating a beautiful, organic glass sculpture.

Missing Q Press—McKinney, TX

Darrell Brown on Video Resumes

If you’re in sales, or your job description demands presentation skills—a video resume gives your audience an opportunity to kick the tires without the commitment of an interview.

Elevate Salon

This is a short video for Elevate Salon. We tried to capture the feeling of a full service beauty salon with a local, neighborhood feel.

PDS Tech

PDS Tech is a national staffing company that uses Camera2Corporate to shoot training videos.


PIN is a leading manufacturer of quality fixtures, retail display systems, as well as healthcare and hospitality case goods. Camera2Corporate shoots all their corporate presentation video, web site video and video of corporate events. This is a short promotional video featuring their plant.


Ricoh taps Camera2Corporate to shoot training videos when they are held in the Dallas Fort Worth area.